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Countercheck is a global service provider that blocks suspected parcels containing counterfeit products before they reach the end consumer. An innovative orchestrated collaboration of logistic partners and brand owners, a state of the art software solution and a rock solid process, identifies, intercepts and seizes counterfeits on their last mile to the customer.

"The Countercheck solution falls into the Know Your Customer software; our AI software analyzes 10+ variables such as labels, material, and weight looking for suspicious characteristics to create a risk profile of each parcel. To ensure a legal and efficient procedure, Countercheck works closely with governmental bodies and law enforcement."

With thousands of small parcels containing counterfeit goods of world-leading brands blocked every month in each logistics hub, we aim to create firewalls around every country, every nation and every city. It is our goal to become the Global Firewall for parcels and packages.

With our anti-counterfeiting technology, no parcel goes unchecked!

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GEODIS is a leading global logistics provider of customized transportation, warehousing, global logistics, and supply chain solutions. As an active growth partner to our clients, GEODIS specializes in five lines of business: Global Freight Forwarding, Global Contract Logistics, Supply Chain Optimization, Distribution & Express, and European Road Network.

With a global network spanning nearly 170 countries and nearly 50,000 employees, GEODIS is ranked no. 6 in its sector across the world. In 2022, GEODIS generated €13.7 billion in revenue. An international full-service logistics company with French roots, our head office is located in Levallois, France.  For more information, please visit our website at 

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Misr Technology Services “MTS” is a shareholding company that is established in partnership between the Private and Public sectors in Egypt. The company specializes in providing ICT solutions and integration services for trade across borders.

MTS experience started as early as 1998 in Egypt through implementing integrated solutions for the Customs Authority, Control Agencies, Shipping Agents, Port Authorities, and Container Terminals. Such projects empowered the MTS team with holistic business and technical hands-on experience. Thus, MTS was assigned to engage in an Egyptian national digitalization project by developing, implementing, operating, and managing the National Single Window for Trade Across Borders project in Egypt (AKA “NAFEZA”) in 2018.

NAFEZA is a centralized platform that represents the single point of entry for all Egyptian foreign trade transactions. On one side, NAFEZA enables foreign trade stakeholders (e.g., banks, shipping lines, importers, exporters, and brokers) to submit the necessary documents to release imported and exported shipments electronically. On the other side, NAFEZA governs the cargo clearance procedures among the designated government agencies in a transparent manner using streamlined workflows. The platform enables the trade and business community to follow up on their business transactions at all stages via various channels.

NAFEZA aligns with the international standards of the Single Window systems as defined by the World Trade Organization and the Customs Data Model by the World Customs Organization.

The platform leverages cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, blockchain, digital signatures along with e-tokens, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, and robotic process automation to provide secure and robust services throughout the entire cargo clearance cycle.

NAFEZA platform hosts a full suite of business applications that automate the business cycle of the trade transaction prior to shipping the cargo from the port of exportation all the way till the cargo is cleared at the country of importation.

The business applications include key features that include Advance Cargo Information processing, Risk Management, Exporter Verification (using “KYC” and Customer Verification), PDF Invoices Transformation to Structured Data, Blockchain document transfer from the source (i.e., exporter), Payments Consolidation, Smart Valuation, and other features.

NAFEZA has been operational since March 2019. Currently, it operates in 46 posts on a 24/7 basis, hosts 32 government agencies, and processes more than 5,000 import/export transactions daily that serve the trade community, which includes more than 100,000 traders.

The National Single Window for Egypt’s Trade Across Borders “NAFEZA” succeeded in transforming Egypt into one virtual hub for international trade.

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Netcompany-Intrasoft is one of Europe’s fastest growing and most successful IT services companies. With and a global headcount of +7,000 talented employees, we are leading the way in showing how digital transformation can create strong, sustainable societies, successful companies and better lives for us all.

Our ambition is to become the market leader within IT services in Europe. With our portfolio of platforms and unique expertise across several European markets and in the EU institutions market - Netcompany-Intrasoft has a solid position and long history that proofs we are able to deliver in the most complex of domains.

Building on +20 years of experience, we offer Customs departments access to a vast library of scalable digital solutions and individual software components enabling Customs departments to leverage flexible and well-proven solutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

References include: Denmark Custom - Norway Custom - Swedish Custom - Netherlands: DMS - UK HMRC - Ireland The Revenue Commissioners - EU – DG TAXUD - Greece Customs - ASEAN Customs

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NID Systems is an end to end solution provider for non-intrusive inspection requirements at Ports and Border Crossings, Critical Infrastructure sites, military and high security facilities and security checkpoints.

We offer a broad range of products and solutions, selected for their quality and performance excellence, which can all be fully integrated, or can operate effectively in a stand alone environment.

Our range of Vehicle and Cargo X-Ray Inspection systems powered with Varex Imaging and Seethru AI offer superior performance and operational capabilities. We offer solutions from medium energy for scanning of occupied cars to high energy 6MeV interlaced Varex Industrial Linear Accelerator based solutions for scanning trucks, containers and all types of vehicles. Our solutions include mobiles, gantries and drive through portal solutions.

Additionally, we have a partnership with manufacturers of leading performance radiation detection and identification equipment. With gamma and neutron detection and identification solutions,  we can find radioactive threats, with the highest degree of accuracy, and the lowest level of false and nuisance alarms.

Vehicle and cargo checkpoints have become technically complex, and require a combination of technologies. With our strong technical ability and operational experience, NID Systems can confidently include Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) from the UK, ANPR, OCR, vehicle mitigation solutions, traffic control including Barriers and traffic lights, IR Perimeter protection, CCTV, Radiation monitoring, and integration of all systems into a command and control set up. Additionally, we can network all date and X-ray images in common protocols to remote locations.

In addition to the supply of equipment and technologies, we can provide consultancy services for non-intrusive inspection requirements in any location.

Together with our partnerships, we can provide service and maintenance on a global basis, with teams of engineers and stores depots located around the world.

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PST.AG is a globally operating company providing digitalization and automation of legal regulations.

We supply regulations for commercial enterprises in digital form, such as customs tariffs, control classifications, sanctions, etc.

PST.AG allows software manufacturers to integrate global trade content into their products via standardized interfaces and data structures.

We enable authorities to integrate with our systems, allowing regulations to reach the economic operators quickly and directly.

PST.AG has also developed its own software suite to cross-check and maintain the quality of data at the highest level. We strongly follow a Five-Pronged Approach for our data: Extract, Develop, Maintain, Update, and Distribute, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. With comprehensive experience in working with medium-to-large regional and international companies, PST.AG is a unique one-stop provider of global business and trade solutions.

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