With the MAS platform, CLS gives maritime authorities a key tool to extract actionable intelligence from large quantities of data at a glance. Our MAS, (Maritime Awareness System) exploits and processes Big Data allowing to receive, store and query, in real-time, huge volumes of multiple data sources (AIS, SAT-AIS, LRIT, VMS, SAR, RF, optical imagery and vessel information). MAS harnesses cutting edge satellite imagery and sensor data with in-depth analysis to provide an unparalleled maritime picture. Whatever the concern is, border control, area monitoring, fleet or vessel of interest, illegal fishing, smuggling, drugs and goods trafficking, we propose a trusted and proven solution helping government agencies to access and understand mission relevant information enabling time critical decision making with an unquestioned level of security and reliability. https://maritime-intelligence.groupcls.com/ ABOUT CLS CLS, a subsidiary of the French Space Agency CNES1 (34%) and CNP2 (66%), is a global company and pioneering provider of Earth monitoring and surveillance solutions since 1986. CLS, WORLD LEADER IN MARITIME SECURITY CLS, world leader in satellite-based maritime security, announces the signature of three major contracts with the governments of India, Sri Lanka and Thailand for the supply of its state-of-the art Maritime Awareness System (MAS), a unique real-time solution for the detection and surveillance of threats at sea. The company has also just acquired the Brazilian company SAT ONE, specialized in merchant fleet tracking and support for offshore activities. Thanks to these strategic contracts and acquisitions, CLS has strengthened its position as a world leader in maritime surveillance. With sales of €173 million and 900 employees, CLS uses over 300 satellites in its security services, and state-of-the-art AI to detect suspicious activity. More information: https://maritime-intelligence.groupcls.com/cls-strengthens-its-position-throughpivotal-contracts-in-india-sri-lanka-and-thailand-and-acquires-sat-one-in-brazil/
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