Session 3 (Panel session): Empowering Customs through Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing Big Data to Enhance Risk Management and Trade Facilitation

10 Oct 2023 14:50 15:30
Mazen Abu Alghanam Moderator Webb Fontaine Group
Chamroeun San Speaker General Department of Customs of Cambodia
Denis Dujmic Speaker S2 Global
Ashley Bell Speaker Australian Border Force

This session will focus on the potential of data analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform Customs operations and border management by helping Customs administrations better understand and analyse vast amounts of data generated by international trade transactions, supply chain networks, and border operations.

Furthermore, these technologies can help identify potential risks and anomalies in real time, enabling Customs officers to take prompt action to prevent illicit activities such as smuggling and money laundering. At the same time, data analytics, ML, and AI can facilitate trade by reducing the administrative burden on legitimate traders, improving compliance, and speeding up the clearance process.

However, the adoption of these technologies also presents a range of challenges, such as the need for robust data management and governance frameworks, ensuring data privacy and security, and addressing ethical concerns around the use of AI in decision-making.

Therefore, this session aims to explore the potential benefits and challenges of data analytics, ML, and AI in Customs operations, highlighting best practices and success stories.