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Diana Parker
Diana Parker leads the WWPS Government Industry Team delivering on the Government team mission to empower Government with technology to help solve society’s biggest challenges. She oversees the development and execution of Microsoft’s go-to-market strategy for Microsoft’s government customers around the world. Microsoft’s vision for a healthy, sustainable, and safe world can only be realized when Governments are able to be a meaningful part of the process. Providing inclusive, accessible, and personalized services that seamlessly blend into everyday life allows Governments to facilitate connections, empower people, and enable everyone to achieve more. Her inspiring leadership, strategic communications, and creative problem-solving skills drive collaboration and impact across teams. Prior to becoming the Government Leader, Parker led the WWPS Deal Team organization which increases Microsoft's revenue and market share by shaping and winning strategic deals, while adding value to the field teams. Parker joined Microsoft in 2012 as the Global Account Manager for Barclay’s Bank. Leveraging her experience in the Financial Services industry, she was appointed as the director of Global Accounts for the UK (United Kingdom). Her penchant for strategy paved her way to serve as the Director of Strategy for the Worldwide Commercial Business. That success positioned her as the General Manager of the WWPS Deal Team, focused on Public Sector and Commercial strategic deals. Parker holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Loughborough University. LinkedIn: Diana Parker | LinkedIn

Mardi, 10 octobre 2023

Tuesday, 10 October 2023

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